Hi there, lovely to see you.

We are 3 Mutts who are the inspiration for our owners (who are also the shop owners). As far as we know they have never been without pets. So who are we? You can see the 3 latest mutts in our owner's family in the company logo. Our mum, Ann, has created a beautiful logo from our pictures, don't you agree.

Togs 4 Mutts 

Left: White Shepherd Dog- Malamute Cross (1997-2007)
Middle: German Shepherd Dog - Australian Cattle Dog Cross (*2017)
Right: Australian Shepherd Dog (*2005)

I am Dud the Dude (the handsome guy in the middle ;-) ) and the youngest member of the family. I am a rescue and I am so glad that they have picked me. I try my best to please my pack all day long and I think I am doing a pretty good job.

The girl next to me on the right is our 'grandma'. She is still very bright in her mind and sometimes thinks she is still a puppy. However her bones don't totally agree to that anymore, which makes us all sad. I love her deeply, she is my best friend with four legs here in the house (don't count the mice and other creatures in the garden).

The girl on the left I have never met - unfortunately. They say she was also a rescue and a wonderful soul. I can imagine that. She taught our 'grandma' everything she new when 'grandma' arrived in our owners family as a little puppy, only 12 weeks young. This is now a long time ago. Well, we three are here, re-united in this lovely shop banner and logo. We love it

Our 3 Mutts ♥

Togs 4 Mutts has been created to let other mutt owners take advantage of mum's wide range of creativity. She is involved in all kinds of craft, like embroidery, digitising machine embroidery designs (and selling them), designing graphics, sewing and so on. She has three decades sewing experience and running a shop making customised dresses many years ago when she lived in Germany.

We love to showcase her creations and if you love what we show, then jump over to the products and buy something very special for your lovely fur friends and family members. Ann is happy to take special orders, like personalising items for your. Just send her a message, she will get back to you in a tail wag. 

Togs 4 Mutts is located in SE QLD / Australia at the southern edge of the Sunshine Coast. We ship Australia wide using Australia Post. We have handmade items (made in our own studio) as well as personalised items using finished products (like the very useful safety vests for dogs). We can also ship overseas, but you need to be aware that shipping costs will increase significantly then.

We look forward to hearing from you - you can share your fur friends with us on our Facebook page

Togs 4 Mutts

Woof! Woof! ...



- A lot of shelter dogs are mutts like me. - (Barack Obama 2010)